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Display and view really great photography.

Please read the rules before joining:

1) Membership is moderated in order to maintain a level of high quality work being displayed. For this reason, please make sure you have public entries in your journal displaying your photos. Only users producing fine art photography will be approved. (Don't feel intimidated about joining, just don't take it personal if you're denied.)

2) Once your membership is approved, give us a little introduction to who you are and show us your stuff! Something like this:

Favorite photographers:
At least three of my photos:

3) I like big photos, so images must be at least 500 pixels on the longest side. No limit on how big, just be reasonable.

4) If your posting numerous photos...go for it. LJ-cuts are optional - I don't mind lots of photos when they're good.

5) No nudity. Plain and simple. There's enough of it everywhere else, this place is for all ages.

6) Posting is now moderated as well.

That's it!

Everyone is encouraged to comment, but please keep it constructive! If you sell your work or have a website/flickr, feel free to advertise it in your post.

**Violating any of these rules can cause your post to be deleted or for you to be removed from the community (very unlikely)**